About Dr. Zhao

Is presidents of the United California Practitioners of Chinese Medicine, a member of the American Board of Chinese Medicine, doctoral Advisor to the Five Brnches University Graduate School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, chairman of the World Manipulative Medical Association, and a licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California. He has 30 years of medical experience and has studied under many famous Chinese doctors, most notably spinal disease specialist Professor Cen Hua Long.

Dr. Zhao untilizes acupuncture and acupressure (Long’s Tui Na) as his primary method of treatment together with Chinese herbs, cupping, traction chair, and infrared. His methods have prove to be effective and satisfactory for a great number of difficult and complex cases.

Dr. Zhao specializes in cervicogenic headaches, dizziness, pains in the neck, shoulder, chest, and back, numbness in the extremities, arthritis, high blood pressure, blurred vision, allergies, and gastronintestinal dysfunctions.

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Zhao has been bringing Chinese medicine to the public through his Chinese radio talk show on AM 1400 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The program has been highly supported by the public.

Degrees Earned:
Doctorate in Oriental Medicine Research Advancement at American Global University
Masters of Science degree in traditional Chinese Medicine
Graduated from Hepu Medical School in China in 1981

Awards and Articles Published:
“Discussion of the Relationship of Stomach Ache and Thoracic Spine Misalignment” was awarded best article at the Second Conference of Orthopedists held in Sydney, Australia.
“Asthma and Misalignment of Bones and tendon” was awarded first prize at the First International Conference and Exhibition on Ethnic Medicine held in Beijing, China.

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2 Responses to About Dr. Zhao

  1. Winston Lee says:

    My son Bentley, exactly 10 years old, has been suffering from morning vomiting for 4 to 5 years. He vomits almost every morning before or after breafast and someitmes both before and after breakfast. Very thorough medcial check-ups, including scanning of his brain do not reveal any causes for this problem. Further, in the last 4 to 5 monhts, he has one more problem, that is stomachache once everyday or every other day, usaully in the morning. Lab examinations of his stools reveal no problems. Sometimes, vomiting and stomachache come together. Both problems are NOT servere but their persistence is worrisome. Bentley is overweight, with 54 kg at 135 cm height. He looks very healthy with rosy cheeks, eats very well (too much), sleeps well and plays and studies very. Because of his “sound” physical conditions, and because of unknown causes, our family doctor does not feels that Bentley has serious problems and does not give him any medications. He strongly recommends that Bentley should reduce his food intakes. Dr. Zhao, are Bentley’s problems within your field of expertise?


  2. Winston Lee says:

    Good morning Dr. Zhao,

    Yesterday I sent you a fairly long e-mail concerning the persistent vomiting and stomachaching of my son Bentley.

    I have a problem of my own. I cannot hear with my right ear at all. About 60 years ago, I was told by an ear specialist that the nerve linking my right ear to the brain was broken. Ever since then, I have not consulted any specialist again for my hearing problem.

    Do you think you can cure the problems of my son and the hearing problem of my own? What would be the chance of recovery? I am already 74 years old and am enjoying fairly good health.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Winston Lee


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